Meet The Staff at Grande Oral Specialties

Our Oral Surgery Team in Stuart FL

The oral surgery team at Grande Oral Specialties is committed to delivering exceptional and compassionate care to every patient who walks through their doors. With a focus on providing top-quality treatment and ensuring utmost comfort, the team combines their expertise with a gentle and empathetic approach. Whether it’s a tooth extraction, dental implant placement, or complex jaw surgery, Dr. Grande and his dedicated staff work collaboratively to create a positive and stress-free experience for each individual.

Carla H. – Administrator

Carla H. Administrator

Danielly R. – Administrator

Danielly R. Administrator

Sam S. – Assistant

Sam S. Assistant

Odalys A. – Assistant

Odalys A. Assistant
For more information about Grande Oral Specialties or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Grande or Dr. Lorenzo, call our office in Stuart, FL at Stuart Office Phone Number 772-510-5900.