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We appreciate the trust you and your dentist have placed in us. Here at Grande Oral Specialties, we are a family owned and operated practice that focuses on quality care and service for our patients. We have designed our practice to accommodate all patients, including those with special needs, physical restrictions, and dental phobias. We believe a high level of comfort during care greatly reduces visit stress and allows us to deliver the highest quality clinical outcome.

Our primary focus is on patient relationships, based on mutual trust and deep-rooted loyalty. Our relationships are not only with our patients but also with our dental and medical colleagues, vendors and the entire community. We take great pride in our ability to provide you with optimal care and service designed for your unique needs and desires.

Our team is devoted to making your time with us as seamless as possible. We welcome your questions and encourage our patients to be fully engaged in their care. We are all here to help.
We look forward to meeting you!

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